Motivating young people to be excited by technology - inspiring them to think big about future employment in the tech industry

A partnership between Nottingham Forest Football Club and Ideagen


Technology is everywhere, it powers everything. It’s changed the way we live and the way we work, forever. You can be a big part of this change. There are so many jobs and careers in tech that never existed before that we want you to know about.


Gain experience through workshops

Think Big workshops give students a chance to explore tech sector workplace activities and skills.


Be prepared for jobs that are in demand

There are lots of tech jobs that need tech skills. Students will gain insight into the skills that will help them get into the industry.


Motivation and inspiration for a career in tech

Think Big activities and ambassadors provide excitement, motivation and inspiration.


Boost confidence and get support

Our aim is to give young people the confidence and skills to achieve their goals and aspirations.


Resources for careers leaders

Think Big provides useful, online and in person resources that can be built into the careers curriculum.


Direct access to role models

Think Big offers access to role models from the world of tech and sport to support students to Think Big and learn about careers.



Jobs in technology are much more varied than you might think. We put the spotlight on individuals to delve into their stories and how they think big in the workplace.

From videographers to business analysts, coders to graphic designers and apprentices to engineers, our ambassadors cover a range of skills and experiences which are shared with students to give them insight into the lives of real people in real jobs.

Our ambassadors are role models from Nottingham Forest Football Club and Ideagen and can be booked by schools to inspire and inform students about careers in tech. They’ve been trained to share their career journeys, give insight into their job roles, share their skills and motivate students.